Vine is Finally Available for Androids

After 6th months of releasing Vine for iOS, it is finally available for android users. Why did it take them so long for us android users? This version has features that are exclusive to android only.

What is Vine? “Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.” Essentially, its Instagram for 6 seconds at a time.

The android app allows users to zoom while recording, a feature that iPhone users can’t do. However, android can’t connect with Facebook or use a front camera yet. The android version is soon to be updated to the iPhone equivalent, but it currently has many bugs involving the buttons and syncing to twitter. However, its nice to finally be able to get revenge on my iPhone using friends by tweeting a bunch of pointless vines.


Right now vine is on its way up the social media latter. I am curious to see if it reaches the same popularity level as Instagram. The problem with vine is that it takes longer to share than a picture. For me, I would rather see one nicely filtered photo than 6 seconds of a video. Instagram is successful because its instant. When viewers look at the picture, they can decide whether they “like” it or not within one glimpse.

However, it is predicted that vine will be an even greater success than Instagram. It already has a leg up since its parent is twitter. Some say 6 seconds is better than 1. The more time we can distract ourselves from working or being productive, the better!

What are your thoughts on Vine? I think it will just be another format of social networking that has its benefits and disadvantages. Nothing too special.

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J-Lo launches her latest… Cell Phone Company?

Instead of going for a fashion line or a perfume, J-Lo aims high and decides to launch her own cell phone company called Viva Movil. Her goal was to target the Latino community and provide them with a cell phone provider thats catered to spanish speaking residents.


Viva Movil is essentially an extension of Verizon, that offers Verizon’s services and plans. Verizon will handle all of the customer care. J-Lo is the face of the brand and in charge of the more creative side of the company.

I am still trying to decide if this is ridiculous or genius. Does the Latino community truly need a phone line that was meant for them? Is this reverse racism? Or a smarter way to reach her target market to further increase her fan base?

Jennifer Lopez announced at the CITA 2013, which Geekosystem says is the “largest trade association for wireless and internet providers.” At the CITA conference she displayed her passion for the Latino market and shipping experience for that demographic.


Financial partners that have agreed to sign with her include Big Red, Brightstar, and Moorehead Communications. The partnership started with the CEO of Bright star who bought the idea to Verizon and ran it by Jennifer.

In regards to thoughts on how Hispanics are represented in the technology world, Lopez says” they weird a great customer power. It wasn’t something that people were taking care of or really, really, targeted.”

Viva Movil will take an “omni channel approach. This will be included in their store front to social content. Everything will be developed with Latino customers in mind. They aim to offer a “unique social shopping experience” on Facebook so customers can see recommendations and shop with their friends.

A Nielsen report showed that 75% of Latinos in the US own smartphones, which is higher than the overall percentage for Americans (63%). Overall J-lo made a smart business decision and is catering to a demographic that is in need.

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A Toast to Technology

Budweiser makes an interesting point. Whats the most common way people make friends? By clinking glasses. Budweiser bring’s their name to a whole new level with the Budweiser Buddy Cup: with just one click you can be Facebook friends with the person you’re cheers-ing to. BuddyCup

Geekosystem puts it simply: “While the pairing might seem odd at first, it actually makes sense. It’s hard to avoid making friends while your offering cheers and beers to a roomful of strangers, and the beverage is a natural fit for the scheme — cheap, watery, unsatisfying, and only partaken of because it’s kind of expected of you, Budweiser is to beers what Facebook is to friendship.”

The social beer glass was created by Agencia Africa and Bohla, a digital innovation studio. Users scan the QR code on the bottom on the glass using their smartphone, which links to their Facebook profile. The “clinking” is detected by a chip inside the glass.

Budweiser claims “Its the same as always. Go out drinking, and make new friends.” But is it the same as always? This gadget could potentially bring up two different types of issues. The engineering issue of what happens if liquid somehow reaches the chip?

Additionally, this compromises aspects of “Facebook manners”. What if you are clinking glasses with someone out of courtesy, but do not want them into your personal life? Perhaps you can set different privacy settings for your profile for your Buddy Cup friends. Later on, you could decided if they are worthy to full access of your profile.

Currently, the Buddy Cups are being used strictly for marketing, and are not for sale. Additionally, as soon as you clink glasses, announcing to your friends that you are using the Buddy Cup.

For further information, please see this video:

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Google Wants a Closer Look

Google has announced its latest creation–Google Glass. Google glass is basically a computer installed in glasses. What do I mean by this? See this video:

My initial reaction to this is that its turning our society into a place where we cannot live without photographing or videoing or keeping in constant communication. Is it too much? Do you think Google is trying to take over our lives?

Then again, think of all the possible advancements in technology could come out of this. This could lead to Google contact lenses, and other wearable technologies.

The idea of wearable technology could branch off into many directions: exercise and technology, fashion and technology, and even medical aid.

Is this a gadget you could see yourself using? I don’t know if I could take myself seriously while wearing a pair of those. To follow one of the tester’s opinions through their use of glass, see here.


Despite my doubts, the “Initial shipments are expected to be around 124,000 units this year as Google Glass becomes available to developers. Adoption is expected to accelerate by 250% in 2014 as Glass becomes available to the general public.”(Yahoo news).

However, this product is not completely stable. Hackers have already found a way to break into Google glass software and “remove restrictions Google might place on glass”. This puts the customer’s at risk for having other’s see private information.


Oppositely, this gadget could have a whole new effect on society. Google CEO Eric Schmidt states that “people would have to figure out new etiquette to handle Google Glass and even then, that “there are obviously places where Google Glasses are inappropriate”. Maybe like bathrooms? Or maybe on first dates?”(gizmodo).

He also admits that the gadget is weird, and hopes to somehow find a way to make it less weird. Overall, this advancement truly reinforces how quickly technology is advancing, which makes me a little intimidated.

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Facebook-morphing into myspace?

Just recently, Facebook added a feature that displays your mood when updating a status. A bold move made by Facebook, since the same concept had been previously done with MySpace, a quickly outdated social media site. It is from my experience that users do not handle changes in Facebook happily. I believe that this is a feature that will be soon to go, as it seems overly specific.

This feature allows people to further connect  by  interests and likes. From the Facebook newsroom itself, ” if you share that you’re watching a movie like Jurassic Park, your post will contain the movie icon and a link to the movie’s page.”

ImageWhy would Facebook opt to turn itself into MySpace? It turns out, selecting something pre-made rather than typing it out helps Facebook structure its data. Sure, Facebook needs a little help with its data considering it has “1.06 billion monthly active users.” It is too hard for Facebook to read user’s statuses, so this allows Facebook to do collet data from statuses in the simplest way.  Thus, allowing Facebook to choose ads more accurately and earn more money.sing twitter as a research tool, most mentions of Facebook mood have been negatively tied to it’s similarities to MySpace.

Overall, Facebook isn’t trying to be MySpace. It is just trying to get to know its users as much as possible. Knowing their users enables them to produce the best ads for that user, which is how websites make their income. However, will its users take advantage of the mood feature since it is similar to MySpace? Will this MySpace characteristic lead to Facebook’s downfall? This is something that Facebook will have to face if they want help from their users to structure data.

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